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Choosing the Correct Size Weathervane

We have broken down our weathervane catalog into sizes including medium, standard, and large. Below are examples of different size weathervanes for different applications.

With a Cupola: If you are going to be using a cupola with your weathervane you must first choose the right size cupola. Once you have done this select a weathervane roughly the same size as the cupola, or within 6 inches either way. For example, if you decide on a 26" cupola you will want to choose a weathervane size between 20" and 30" long. 

Without a Cupola: The most important thing to remember when selecting a weathervane for any application is that a weathervane, like anything else, appears smaller as you get farther away from it. The photos below are a few examples of our four available weathervane sizes mounted on various structures. Notice how the smaller the weathervane is, the closer to the ground it should be.

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Our Cottage Size Weathervanes
For slightly smaller buildings with a peak of no more than 12 feet tall, like utility sheds, gazebos, small one-car garages, or in the garden.
Our Full-Size Weathervanes
These have the widest array of uses, from one, two or three car garages, small barns, and cupolas 22"-36" in size.
Our Large Size Weathervanes
You will need an oversized building, like a house, barn, or other two or more story structure to handle one of these weathervanes. For cupolas 42"-72" in size.

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